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    The Lutheran Education Journal is the oldest continuously published journal of education in North America. It was, and remains, a journal of the faculty of Concordia University Chicago, an institute of higher learning in the Concordia University System of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS).

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A Final Word…“Learning” and the Resurrection

In this Spring 2018 edition of Lutheran Education Journal, teaching professionals explore with you the topic of “Learning.” I remember as a child when my mother, a 5th grade teacher, would monitor my studies, especially in mathematics, my least favorite subject and therefore the one I was most likely to avoid. In her opinion (not […]

Words for Thought…Jesus Loves Me

A few years ago I read an article reporting an interview with Billy Graham. Dr. Graham was asked what was, in his opinion, the most important verse in the Bible. The interviewer wanted to know what the summary of all of Dr. Graham’s study and research could tell the public. Billy Graham was by this […]

Literacy in the Classroom…Effective Education: Online Course Design for Adult Learners

In recent years, the number of students enrolling in distance education courses in United States degree-granting higher education institutions has significantly increased. In fact, according to the Distance Education Enrollment report (2017) the number of higher-education students taking at least one online course surpassed six million, with significant increases occurring in private non-profit institutions. To […]

Serving the daughters and sons of immigrant parents.

Concordia has a history of serving the children of immigrants. The founding purpose of the Concordia System was to educate teachers and ministers for positions in LCMS institutions serving German-speaking immigrants. Consistent with the cultural expectations of the time, much of the course work at the Concordias at that time was conducted in German. CUC […]

Teaching the Different Learner…What is different?

In psychology, we know that it is natural to notice difference, but to judge difference is not natural, it is learned. In his book, Neurotribes—The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity (2015), Steve Silberman described two competing perspectives on autism from mid-century research, one from Dr. Hans Asperger, and the other from Dr. […]

Book Review…Digitized: Spiritual Implications

by Bernard Bull Concordia Publishing House, 2018 $14.99 Are you a Berean or perhaps a Luddite when it comes to technology? Are you living under the Laodicean effect? Like the Bereans in the Book of Acts who did not blindly accept and follow Paul and his words, Dr. Bernard Bull tells us in his new […]

The Essential Nature of Affective Education

Values and Social-Emotional Development Abraham Maslow contended that after facing issues of survival and safety, humans address additional value and social-emotional needs. These include love and acceptance, leading toward self-actualization. He included acceptance, affection, confidence, self-expression, and creativity as human needs. For many children, these needs may be difficult to fulfill. While, some youth are […]

Not Invited to the Banquet? Why Not? A story from my own backyard

Standing in the middle of an elementary school classroom in Great Britain for the first time, I was forced to consider the homogeneity of my educational upbringing in the former Czechoslovakia.  As a Soviet nation, a communist ideology pressured (pushed) its requirements and restrictions on society as whole. Under the ideological blanket that covered the […]

Teacher Empowerment and Teacher Perceptions of the Principal’s Servant Leadership

Background of the Study School leadership continues to be an area of focus particularly as it relates to teacher burn-out and teacher turn-over (National Commission on Teaching & America’s Future, 2012). As a result, researchers have placed focus on leadership-theory application and the influence of leadership style on students, teachers, and schools (Afshari, Bakar, Luan, […]