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    The Lutheran Education Journal is the oldest continuously published journal of education in North America. It was, and remains, a journal of the faculty of Concordia University Chicago, an institute of higher learning in the Concordia University System of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS).

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A Final Word

Since I will retire in July 2019, these last three columns will be my final messages in the Lutheran Education Journal. I write to a community of people that I love and cherish – educators. Men and women who dedicate their lives to the students that the Lord gives them. Professionals who focus their service […]

Lutheran Education Journal History

The Enterprise of Learning I have always been interested in the history of things. Where did things originate? How did something get started? When I wrote about the history of the Lutheran Education Journal as we introduced a new cover in the last issue, I began to wonder about those earlier issues. I have been […]

Wandering in the Educational Desert

Words for thought As easy as it is to tell someone to believe in himself or herself, it is not as easy to help them […]

Change and Learning and Teaching Matters

Editor’s Note: This article is an excerpt from an upcoming book tentatively titled The Concordia Christian Curriculum. This book will serve as a guide for the SCALE curriculum, the curriculum developed by the author over a period of decades as she founded and led the Concordia Early Childhood Education Center. This work is already used […]

Re-establishing the Lutheran Soul in Higher Education: A 21st Century Model

The decades leading into the 21st century and the beginning portion of the 2000s have been identified by the phrase ‘postmodern era,’ a time period […]

Book Review: Imagine the Possibilities: Conversations on the Future of Christian Education 

“Imagine the Possibilities: Conversations on the Future of Christian Education”  by Bull, Bernard and Pingel, Jim, 2018, Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis Isbn: 9780758659309 Isbn 13: 9780758659293 Paperback, $24.99 I am certainly the right person to read this book. As a person with little training in Lutheran education, this book helped me to understand the […]

The Essential Nature of Affective Education

Values and Social-Emotional Development Abraham Maslow contended that after facing issues of survival and safety, humans address additional value and social-emotional needs. These include love and acceptance, leading toward self-actualization. He included acceptance, affection, confidence, self-expression, and creativity as human needs. For many children, these needs may be difficult to fulfill. While, some youth are […]

Agency as Advocacy: Addressing the Needs of the Whole Child by First Empowering the Whole Teacher

Editor’s note: The following article first appeared in the 2016 Winter issue of the Journal Whole Child (http://publications.catstonepress.com/i/763890-winter-2016/15?). It is re-printed with kind permission of the IL ASCD. To educate is, in short, to set out to create and sustain informed, hopeful and respectful environments where learning can flourish. It is concerned not just with […]

Curriculum and Assessment Alignment Mapping

The process of faculty members’ communicating and collaborating on aligning curriculum and assessment systems is a very important part of maximizing student learning. As a program leader at the graduate school level and a former principal in several school districts, it was a privilege to work with faculty members to implement a curriculum and assessment […]