About LEJ

About Lutheran Education Journal

The Lutheran Education Journal was first printed in 1865 in German and titled Evangelisch-Lutherisches Schulblatt (Evangelical Lutheran School Paper). Concordia University’s founding president, J.C.W. Lindemann held the post of publisher/editor. Its primary purpose was to support teachers, congregations and parents in the LCMS with articles on curriculum, teaching methods, home training and even discipline. The original issues included news of higher education, summaries from other publications and teacher biographies also. In 1869, at the request of the Teachers’ Conference, the Synod adopted the Schulblatt as its official educational publication.

In 1921 the first English language articles were published making the Schulblatt bilingual and the name became Lutheran School Journal. The final German language article appeared in 1935 completing the change to English. In 1947 the publication’s title changed once again to Lutheran Education and has remained until July 2010 with the introduction of the online publication Lutheran Education Journal.

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