Guidelines for Submitted Articles

Guidelines for Submissions to Lutheran Education Journal

Lutheran Education Journal intends to publish the best research and reflection on a wide range of topics relevant to Lutheran Christian Education. The Journal welcomes manuscripts addressing Lutheran education at all levels from early childhood to higher education, in the classroom or in the parish. First consideration is given to well-documented articles which may inform its theological context or which explore issues specific to or present implications of Lutheran education.

The Journal also welcomes contributions that present issues, research and commentary concerning Pre-K through 12 Education which are of broad, collaborative interest to educators across all sectors of the profession both public and parochial/private. Summaries of current, documented empirical/action research, unpublished elsewhere, are especially invited. (Research submitted for publication must clearly include indication of informed consent of subjects as appropriate to the study and sponsoring institution as applicable.)

The Lutheran Education Journal is an open-access, no fee, non-proprietary web publication of Concordia University Chicago intended for research and collaboration among education professionals. The editor, editorial board and publisher reserve the sole right to select articles for publication.

  1. Format for submission: The format for manuscripts is in either Microsoft Word or pdf file via documents attached to an email. Contributors are encouraged to request a “read receipt” from the sender side. Please submit copy in the most basic document form as multiple fonts, type sizes, headers/footers, boldface, etc, must be removed and/or changed when creating copy for web posting. Tables or charts should be submitted as a separate file with point of insertion indicated in the body of the text.
  2. Web search enhancements: Material for publication must include a preliminary Abstract (APA style) and suggested key search terms/tags in order to facilitate external web browser searches by topic.
  3. Length: Manuscripts may range from approximately 3000-5000 words.  The editor reserves the right to request modifications.
  4. Style and Documentation:  These are governed by the most recent edition of The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA); Webster’s New International Dictionary is consulted in matters of spelling.
  5. Author Biographical and Contact Information: Authors are requested to submit a brief statement of biographical information including name, degree, current professional position and a brief mention of career/ministry context. These may be edited for length. Also, articles or the email accompanying them must clearly state current phone, email and regular mailing address to facilitate consultation in the editing process.
  6. Copyright: Lutheran Education Journal holds the copyright for all original material unpublished elsewhere. The Journal does not post material which has been previously published elsewhere. Reprint requests of articles posted to the  Lutheran Education Journal are with the permission of the author via the editor.
  7. Contact: Manuscripts, article proposals or related inquiries may be made to:

Shirley K. Morgenthaler, Ph.D., Editor
Lutheran Education Journal
Concordia University Chicago
7400 Augusta Street
River Forest, IL 60305-1499