Ministry in the Classroom

Jun 23rd, 2020 |

Parish: The Thought       Ministry in the classroom?       Oh, there’s so much more!       Long ago, educators called to minister in Lutheran schools needed a “parish perspective” if they were to be a highly valued part of their congregation. It was good to be parish -minded—good for the congregation and good for the school. […]

Let Music Take the First Chair in Your Lutheran School

Jun 23rd, 2020 |

Editor’s Note: This article is taken from in the Spring issue of Shaping the Future. It is reprinted by permission and with its original formatting. Because the original article contained several footnotes that extended the information of the article itself, LEJ has retained those footnotes as endnotes here. Music – A Gift of God       […]

Collaborative Decision-Making

Jun 23rd, 2020 |

      The aim of this paper is to share a process the author has developed and implemented with many private and public organizations as well as thousands of graduate students over the past 50 years. The aim of this process is to identify values, concerns, issues, priorities, and goals, and then plan and implement improvement […]

The Perceptions of High School Personnel and Their Experiences of Professional Learning Communities

Jun 23rd, 2020 |

Editor’s Note: This article has its basis in the dissertation in Educational Leadership that the first author completed in 2019. His co-authors also served as his dissertation committee. Introduction       Over the last two decades, there has been a tremendous shift toward the professional development of teachers (Vescio, Ross, & Adams, 2008). Consequently, Professional Learning […]

Sixty Years of Ministry by Directors of Christian Education (DCEs) of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS)

Mar 2nd, 2020 |

A Very Abbreviated History This history of DCE ministry provides yet another opportunity to learn of God’s grace and mercy in the life of ordinary individuals pursuing a compelling calling. Hebrews 11 and 12 capture the spirit of this history: it is one long series of enduring and not losing heart. It is “faith in […]

Community Engagement for Families with Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Nov 5th, 2019 |

The Every Family Program The number of children diagnosed with autism has increased substantially. Educators need to understand how to meet the individual learning needs for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the school, home, and in the community. In order to better address their complex communication, social, and learning needs, school, family, and […]

From Comic Books to Graphic Novels Ways to Help Students Learn to Read

Nov 5th, 2019 |

Background In 2018, the International Literacy Association (ILA) launched a new initiative, Children’s Rights to Read, which aimed at “ensuring every child has access to the education, opportunities, and resources needed to read” (O’Donnell, 2019, para. 1). With the Initiative, ten rights were identified that children have regarding reading. One of the rights that children […]

High-Quality Teacher Induction and Multi-Year Mentoring Are the New Teachers in Your School Thriving or Merely Surviving?

Nov 5th, 2019 |

After a long year of teaching and learning, summer vacation has come and gone for nearly 3.8 million teachers and 50.6 million students in American schools (Ingersoll, Merrill, Stuckey & Collins, 2018; Alliance for Excellent Education, 2010; NCES, 2019). School leaders have been planning for the beginning of the school year, preparing budgets, maintaining the […]

Pedagogy, Knowledge and Learning

Aug 8th, 2019 |

As part of the Pathways to Excellence for Teachers project with the Chicagoland Lutheran Educational Foundation and their schools, our team of faculty, instructional coaches and consultants facilitated focus-group meetings and reviewed existing school data in order to determine project priorities. Initial data indicated an opportunity to support writing instruction in the partner schools. In […]

Curriculum and Assessment Alignment Mapping

May 3rd, 2019 |

The process of faculty members’ communicating and collaborating on aligning curriculum and assessment systems is a very important part of maximizing student learning. As a program leader at the graduate school level and a former principal in several school districts, it was a privilege to work with faculty members to implement a curriculum and assessment […]