From Where I Sit…Reformation 500

Dec 21st, 2017 | Category: Columns, Here I sit
By Shirley Morgenthaler

What an exciting time to edit a journal such the Lutheran Education Journal. As a Lutheran journal, the opportunity to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation is a given. How to do that is the question.

In this issue we have collected an array of articles from symposia and exhibits at Concordia University Chicago and from global gatherings in places like Germany and Rwanda. All of these articles identify and discuss the heritage we have as Lutherans and as Protestants because of the Reformation.

Luther’s fingerprint is found all over the western world and even across the globe. There are historical fingerprints, sociological fingerprints, educational fingerprints, and, of course, theological fingerprints.

Each of these fingerprints is discussed in this issue of the Lutheran Education Journal, at least as a beginning. What would the western world be like if there had been no Martin Luther? What would look of literacy be without Luther? What would the look of the church be if there were no Martin Luther?

In this issue, the above questions are addressed. They are answered, at least in part. Whole books have been written on each of the topics in this issue of LEJ. We invite you to sample these topics as they are presented here. Most of the articles are academic. One has been published as the White Paper of a newly-formed international group. One has been written for a newspaper audience. Only the columns in this issue are written specifically for this issue and have not been presented elsewhere.

Each of these articles and columns are gathered here to honor our heritage as Lutheran Christians. We take our name from Martin Luther. We take our theology from Martin Luther. Our society has been formed with ideas and principles that got their start from Luther’s writings, from his ideas, and from his impact on the society of his day. Enjoy.

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