Literacy in the Classroom…God’s Story; Our Story: Woven Together by God’s Gift of Language

May 24th, 2018 | Category: Columns, Literacy In the Classroom
By Sandra Doering

Have you ever stopped to think about the awesome gift we have as God’s children in our ability to express ourselves both orally and through the written word:  our gift of language? Language is what we use to tell our stories. Language is the reason that we are able to understand God’s work in our life. Language is the vehicle by which we think, learn about the world in which we live, communicate with each other and above all share the tremendous story of God’s redeeming work for our salvation.

When you think about the incredible process that happens in our brains as we acquire and then use language to interact with the world, it becomes clear that our ability to use language is so amazing that we can’t even begin to understand how it all happens. Yet it is through language (the Word) that God comes to us and establishes a relationship, a covenant that leads to our salvation. He takes His story and folds our story into His arms and comforts us with His joy and peace. And all this happens because we have language. We are the only creatures of God that have this wonderful ability to understand how God works in our lives. Could it be that being made in the image of God is actually tied to our gift of language?

As a literacy educator, I am involved in preparing teachers to be nurturers and stewards of this gift of language given to the students in our care. As a strong advocate of using children’s literature as a curriculum tool, I can’t help but see how the stories we tell, read, and write are the means by which children learn to read, to write, to listen, and to speak effectively. It is our mission in the Lutheran school to help our students see that language and literacy are the most powerful tools we have to live as God’s disciples in all aspects of our lives. LEJ