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Jun 14th, 2010 | Category: Columns, Today's Lutheran Educator
By Jonathan C. Laabs

Change is here! With the inauguration of the new online format for the Lutheran Education Journal comes a wealth of new opportunities for exposure to, and interaction with, the rest of the world. During the past 143 years, readers have benefitted from articles, reviews, news, and editorials that have kept Lutheran education in front of its professionals and the general public. The publication has been printed in both German and English, designed in a variety of formats, and edited by numerous faculty members from a university that has changed names several times. Now, with many of the same elements (minus the German!) and careful editorial oversight, the Journal moves into a new direction that best fits the publication world in which we live.

Today’s Lutheran educator values the past, embraces the present, and anticipates the future, especially as that future relates to people around the globe. We are fortunate in today’s life to have many new opportunities to experience the world which were not available to Lutheran educators of the past. Our windows to the world are present in our work places, our homes, and our mobile devices. We can experience Lutheran education through travel, via instant communication, and through resources such as LEA publications and LEJ. I am excited about sharing with you new “windows” to Lutheran education resources (including people!) through this column in upcoming posts to the online Journal by using our ability to “link” you directly to related sites. Enjoy the benefits of the Journal’s new format and new opportunities to be “linked, equipped and affirmed” as educators in Lutheran ministry!

Global Lutheran Education:

How many places around the world can you identify with Lutheran schools? As the Word of God has spread through the decades to many continents, Lutheran education has become a basis for outreach and schools have grown through the support of local congregations and national education systems. Millions of children and thousands of teachers populate Lutheran schools in counties such as Australia, Brazil, Ghana, Ethiopia, Guatamala, Japan, Canada, South Africa, Slovakia, Papua New Guinea, China, Palestine, India and Hong Kong. That’s just a short list!

If you are interested in getting more information about a few of these Lutheran education locations, try connecting to the sites below:

–       Lutheran Education Australia

–       Asia Lutheran Education Association

–       Lutheran Church – Canada Schools

–       Highland Lutheran International School, Papua New Guinea

–       Dar al Kalima School in Bethlehem

–       Hong Kong International School

–       Concordia International School Shanghai

If you have more interest in learning what is happening in Lutheran education around the world, consider participating in the following two events:

–       Lutheran Educator Holy Land Tour and International Education Conference (September 25-October 4, 2010) Click here for more information.

–       Global Lutheran Education Symposium (March 23, 2011), held in conjunction with the LEA Convocation in Cincinnati, Ohio (March 24-26, 2011)

LEA Award Recipients:

CONGRATULATIONS to the following individuals who have been selected as the 2010 recipients of LEA’s national awards:  (Click here to access press releases for each recipient)

Christus Magister, Judy Christian, Director of Children’s and Family Ministry, LCMS, St. Louis, MO

Distinguished Lutheran Elementary Administrator, Chuck Schiller, Principal, St. Paul Lutheran School, New Orleans, LA

Distinguished Lutheran Early Childhood Administrator, Julie Klopke, Director, St. Peter Lutheran School, Arlington Heights, IL

Distinguished Lutheran Early Childhood Teacher, Becky Hohenstein, Kindergarten teacher and assistant principal, St. Paul’s Lutheran School, Des Peres, IL

Distinguished Lutheran Elementary Teacher, Alvina Becker, 7th grade teacher, Christ Community Lutheran School, Kirkwood, MO

Outstanding New Lutheran Elementary Teacher, Julie Lemke, Middle school teacher, Christ Lutheran School, Albuquerque, NM

Distinguished Lutheran Secondary Educator, Doug Guenther, Biology teacher, Valley Lutheran High School, Saginaw, MI

Outstanding New Lutheran Secondary Teacher, Matt McClintock , Technology teacher, Mayer Lutheran High School, Mayer, MN


Author Information

Jonathan C, Laabs, Ed.D. is the Executive Director of the Lutheran Education Association. He may be contacted at

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