An Exploration into Teachers’ Perceptions of Professional Development and the Influence on School Culture, by Carol A. Baiocco

Jul 1st, 2013 | Category: Dissertation Abstracts @ Concordia
By Carol A. Baiocco, Ed.D. Educational Leadership


For this qualitative, theory-to-action study, the opinions and perceptions from a sample of secondary English and science teachers were explored. The focus was on the research question, “How did professional development provided for English and science teachers in literacy influence school culture?” Data collection occurred through one-on-one interviews, recorded notes, and document review. Key findings included teachers’ belief that professional development energizes teachers and helps focus planning, as well as having an influence on school culture, albeit, that took time. Two problems teachers expressed were lack of follow through and administrator support. Limitations of this study were the use of purposeful sampling as well as, all the participants were of veteran teacher status.

Key Words: Professional Development, literacy, school culture

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Carol A. Baiocco,  Ed.D. Educational Leadership,

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