An Exploration of Community Relations between a Public High School District and Faith-Based Organizations, by John David Beerbower

Jul 1st, 2013 | Category: Dissertation Abstracts @ Concordia
By John David Beerbower, Ed.D. Educational Leadership


An effective school leader explores better ways to communicate with the community stakeholder their district serves. Often, some of the strongest groups in a community are the faith-based organizations (FBOs). A qualitative, action research design was used to explore three primary questions. The study provided an example for exploring perceptions in order to build relationships so that students within the district can be served at a more comprehensive level. Research questions focused on the perceptions, experiences, beliefs, and values, of both the FBO and school district (D500) leaders. The study found that the local FBO leaders demonstrated a lack of unity and history of collaboration impacting the relationship with D500. Therefore, the conclusions were very meaningful in creating a better of understanding of how to increase community relations between FBOs and public schools when limited relationships previously exist. Specific themes regarding barriers between the groups emerged and helped in understanding the challenges in partnering. The study provided a framework for greater collaboration around the shared theme of servant leadership and serving the whole child/students within the community. Service toward students and a servant leadership focus provided a rationale for increased FBO and D500 communication. FBO leaders and D500 leaders can overcome their barriers through a shared focus on service toward students a unifying theme. Greater collaboration, communication and synergy can be beneficial to students when schools and FBOs focus on serving together.

Keywords: relationships, faith based organization, servant leadership, schools

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John David Beerbower, Ed.D. Educational Leadership,


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