Factors That Contribute to the Retention of Long Standing Principals in a Long Island Public School District, by Joseph Sapienza

Jul 1st, 2013 | Category: Dissertation Abstracts @ Concordia
By Joseph Sapienza, Ed.D. Educational Leadership


The recruitment and retention of public school principals is an issue of national concern. The inhibitors to entering and remaining in the position appear to be well researched; however, few studies have attempted to identify and understand what attracts principals and motivates them to remain in the position. To better understand this phenomenon, this case study draws on the experiences of five longstanding public school principals in a long Island, New York public school district. The study finds that encouragement, hands-on learning experiences, contact with students, interpersonal relationships, and professional development were all significant contributing factors to the retention of the participating principals. The results of this study have implications for both aspiring and veteran principals, as well as public school districts and colleges universities who prepare individuals to become school administrators.


Keywords: principal recruitment, principal retention, principal preparation programs, administrative professional development, principal turnover

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Joseph Sapienza, Ed.D. Educational Leadership, Jsapienza7@gmail.com.

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