Gender Of High School Principals And Providing A Safe Learning Environment, by Leotha Harry

Jul 1st, 2013 | Category: Dissertation Abstracts @ Concordia
By Leotha Harry, Ph.D. Educational Leadership


Male and female principals have the same roles and responsibilities in a school, but the way in which they handle them differs in the area of providing safety and security of their school building. This exploratory mixed method research study examined how the gender of a high school principal may relate to his or her role in providing a safe learning environment. The qualitative component explored three male and three female principals’ interviews on providing safety of their school’s learning environment. In addition to gender, principals’ prior experiences as an educator as well as the nature of their professional development activities they received and gender norms were examined to see how they shaped their leadership style. Quantitative data from the New York City Department of Education Learning Environment Survey (NYC DOE LES) of teachers were used as a supplement to further explore how and if the gender of their principal may relate to the principal’s role of providing safety in the school building. The qualitative and quantitative findings showed that gender does not play a role in a high school principal providing a safe learning environment.

Keywords: Safe Learning Environment, Principal, Gender, Leadership, Mixed methods

Author Information

Leotha Harry earned her Ph.D. with a specialization in Educational Leadership from Concordia University Chicago in 2013. Contact her at

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