Perceptions of Novice Teachers at Academically At-Risk Public High Schools In Regard to Teacher Preparation and Support

Apr 18th, 2013 | Category: Dissertation Abstracts @ Concordia
By Deb Graham


Ever since the National Commission on Excellence in Education released their document entitled A Nation at Risk, educational leaders have put numerous reform efforts into place aimed at improving the quality of education in the United States.  There is significant research pointing to the fact that improved teacher preparation and support are key elements of this reform.  The purpose of this study was to determine, from the perspective of the novice teachers, what types of preparation and support programs were most effective in making them feel successful, satisfied in their current positions, and willing to remain in the field of education.  The researcher utilized a quantitative design that consisted of the administration of a survey to novice teachers at selected at-risk schools.  The knowledge generated from this research is intended to provide school leaders with concrete strategies for selecting and supporting teachers to be successful in at-risk public high schools.

Key words:  teachers, novice, high school, preparation, support, perceptions, success

Author Information

Contact information: Deb Graham, Doctor of Education, Specialization: School Leadership, Concordia University Chicago, 2012. Principal, Bloom Trail High School,

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