Perspectives of Key Educational Leaders on the Effective Integration of Educational Technology into the Instructional Practice of K-12 Teachers in Long Island, by Guy A. Lodico

Jul 1st, 2013 | Category: Dissertation Abstracts @ Concordia
By Guy A. Lodico. Ph.D. Educational Leadership


Major investment in educational technology has raised ongoing concerns regarding if and how school districts are effectively integrating technology in schools. This study explores the perspectives of key educational leaders regarding the integration of technology into the instructional practice of teachers with the overarching goal of enabling student achievement. A purposeful sample of informants from suburban K-12 school districts located in Long Island, NY participated. Qualitative data collection and analysis strategies were utilized to explore the central research question: What are the perspectives of key educational leaders, inclusive of principals, directors, and superintendents, on the effective integration of educational technology into the instructional practice of teachers? The illuminated findings offer research consumers in-depth insight into the interrelated beliefs, process, and praxis of key educational leaders regarding identified hierarchical related roles, challenges and barriers involved with the process of change, and effective leadership practices where the integration of technology is working.

Keywords: educational technology, instructional technology, technology integration, educational leadership, effective leadership practices

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Guy A. Lodico, Ph.D. Educational Leadership,

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