Teacher Evaluation: A New Framework, by Patricia Planic

Jul 1st, 2013 | Category: Dissertation Abstracts @ Concordia
By Patricia Planic, Ed.D. Educational Leadership


This mixed method action research study explored non-tenured teachers’ perceptions of a newly implemented collaborative, reflective evaluation process. The new framework for teaching model allowed for full teacher participation and engagement in the teacher evaluation process, including participating in reflective conversations and utilizing a modified version of Danielson’s Framework for Teaching rubric. Teachers’ perceptions of the evaluation process were collected through focus group discussions. Existing survey data was analyzed quantitatively. Utilizing an embedded design, qualitative data was collected, coded, and analyzed. Based on the qualitative analysis, quantitative data was collected and reviewed in relation to themes that addressed the central research question. Findings indicated positive perceptions of the teacher evaluation process based on themes of support, accountability, and change.

Keywords: Framework for teaching, reflective conversations, teacher evaluation, rubric

Author Information

Patricia Planic, Ed.D. Educational Leadership, Pplanic@district41.org, 847-245-8101.


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