The Perceptions Of DuPage County Elementary District Union Presidents Regarding Reform, Compensatory Practices, Union Priorities, and Collective Bargaining Outcomes

May 3rd, 2012 | Category: Dissertation Abstracts @ Concordia
By David H. Katzin


As we enter into a new era in the realm of public education—one in which compensation structures are being challenged by the government and, at times, a more informed general public; one in which the “holy grail” of union bargaining might, tenure, is being eroded as new measures of accountability are ushered in; one in which public sentiments suggest that teachers may even be overpaid—the traditional perspectives of union leadership are slowly being forced to change with the times.

Following a basic qualitative design, this study sought to better understand the thoughts and feelings of eight union presidents, providing a detailed description of the traditional perspectives that are prevalent among union leadership. The findings of this study serve to inform school boards, administrators, and teachers’ unions of the common ground, or lack thereof, that exists between these historical negotiating adversaries with regard to the future of educational reform efforts and compensatory practices.

Keywords: Collective bargaining, union presidents, teachers union, compensation, educational reform

Author Information

David Katzin earned his Ed.D. in Leadership with a specialization in Educational Leadership from Concordia University Chicago in 2012. Contact him at

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