Issue 2

Lutheran Education Journal, Volume 131, Issue 2, 1995

Matters of Opinion…Random Musings and Possible Heresies

Is The Lutheran Teacher A Minister

by Robert M Toepper

Our Family and Home Schooling

by Joanna Jastram

Lutheran School Athletics & Sportsmanship

by Rachel M Palmer

The Behaviorally Disordered Child In Your Room

by Audrey Beversdorf James

Administrative Talk…Effective Use of Parents, Family, and Community

Children At Worship…Preparing Young Singers for Worship

DCE Expressions…Is There Room To Think Critically

First Person Singular…”A Matter Of Taste”

Multiplying Ministries…I Wish I Would Have Said That!

Teaching The Young…The BEST for Children and Ourselves

A Final Word…”Throw ’em Where They Ain’t (Yet)”