Issue 2

Lutheran Education Journal, Volume 132, Issue 2, 1996

Matters of Opinion…Why Not Why?

Where Justification Meets Sanctification

Child Evangelism: Ghost Ships, Flying Turtles, And Where Is This Semester Headed?

Helping the Parents of a Special Needs Child

Action Research: A Practical and Viable Method for Educators

The Hymnody of Henry L. Lettermann

Administrative Talk…In Search Of Praise

Children At Worship…Lessons and Carols for Children

First Person Singular…Welcoming Those Other Strangers

Multiplying Ministries…Twelve “Warning Signs” Of Health

Secondary Sequence…What’s It Mean To You?

Teaching The Young…Kaleidoscopes and Curriculum

The Gospel According To Winnie-The-Pooh…Chapter Two In Which We Are Wedged In A Tight Place

A Final Word…Time To Spare? Time To Share?