Issue 4

Lutheran Education Journal, Volume 132, Issue 4, 1997

Matters of Opinion…Best Laid Plans

I’d Really Rather Be an Administrator

The Lutheran lnterparish School


The Female Administrator

Learning About Sex: Concordia’s Sexual Education Series

Mind Your P’s And E’s Of Parent Conferencing

“NO” On Prayer In The Public Schools

Administrative Talk…Principals of Prayer

Children At Worship…Should Confirmands Be Taught The Liturgy?

DCE Expressions…Enduring, Waiting, and Hoping as a Servant of The King

First Person Singular…Whatever Happened to the Numinous?

Multiplying Ministries…The Best Things In Life Aren’t Things

Secondary Sequence…Western Culture And The Lutheran Teacher

Teaching The Young…Learning and Teaching

The Gospel According To Winnie-The-Pooh…In Which We are Given a Gift

Book Review…Action Readers Series

A Final Word…”Immanuel-All Year Long”