Issue 5

Lutheran Education Journal, Volume 132, Issue 5, 1997

Matters of Opinion…Musings On the Home Stretch

Cultural Literacy and Lutheran Schools

David Rogner makes a good case for developing cultural literacy among learners in your care, from the very youngest onward to whatever upper limits your ministry designates. Also good for personal soul-searching. by David Rogner

The Parochial School As Evangelical Catholic Mission

On the other hand, we look to Aubrey Bougher’s piece on schools as evangelical, Catholic mission. Bougher is pastor/headmaster of an ELCA school on the East coast who gives valuable insights as to what Lutheran schools can be and do from a perspective that is refreshing. by Aubrey Bougher

Teaching, Baptizing, And Making Disciples

Closely related to the same spirit is Michael Meissner ‘s insights as a “pastor of the school” in San Antonio whose eyes have been opened and spirit refreshed from the vigorous outreach potential of the school and congregation he Michael Miessner

Lutheran Elementary School Science: Survey Number Three

Robert Holtz and Theodore Heinicke provide in the one case an empirical study of how science is taught in our schools and in the other how global education can become a dynamic element in the curriculum. by Robert Holz

Global Education/or Lutheran Schools: Additional Thoughts

by Theodore Heinicke


by Bob Hennig

Administrative Talk…Administration And Debilitation

Children At Worship…Making The Journey: Resources For Piano

DCE Expressions…The Value In Teamwork

Multiplying Ministries…How Do You Spell C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E?

Secondary Sequence…Ready–Set–Internet

Teaching The Young

The Gospel According To Winnie-The-Pooh…Chapter 5 In Which We Share A Smackrel

A Final Word…”Light From A Box?”