Issue 2

Lutheran Education Volume 133, Issue 2, 1997

Matters of Opinion…From Where I sit

Long Live the Queen! Theology in the 21st Century

Arand asserts that “every person is a theologian in as much as each must come to grips with the matter of God.” Therefore, the continued vitality of “the queen of science” is assured, but what kind of theology will it be? Arand examines the current challenges the study of God faces from the rise of “folk theology” and pluralism and from postmodern assumptions about the loss of objective truth. by Charles Arand

Celebrating the Challenge of Ethnic and Religious Diversity

The principal of a culturally diverse Lutheran school on Long Island discusses the changing face of Lutheran schools, their students, and faculties and the implications of these changes for Lutheran teachers and principals. by Virginia Puelle

Preparing for Children in Worship: Analyzing the Environment

The second part of a series of articles based on the Children in Worship Study, conducted by the Center for the Study of Children’s Ethical Development (CenSCED), examines the environment of worship. The authors invite churches to consider how the sights, smells, and textures of worship and the physical arrangements for children send message regarding their involvement in worship, and how the environment might be improved to welcome children into more active participation in the worship life of the congregation. by Shirley Morganthaler, Peter Becker, and Gary Bertels

Christian Counseling: What It Is, What It Is Not, and What Lutheranism Can Contribute

Marrs, a licensed psychologist, discusses the burgeoning field of Christian counseling, seeking to clarify the definition of this surprisingly contested term. He emphasizes the distinctive contributions the Lutheran understanding of Law and Gospel can make to Christian counseling. by Rick Marrs

Improving In-Service Opportunities

For teachers and administrators alike, in-service opportunities are a perpetual disappointment, consistently failing to fulfill their promise for professional development and stimulation. The author examines the research regarding teacher in-service training and provides some guidelines for making these opportunities more successful in fostering the professional growth of teachers. by Timothy Peters

Administrative Talk…Integrity in Leadership

Children at Worship…Children and Instruments

DCE Expressions…Can We Talk?

Multiplying Ministries…Lord, I Have Time

Secondary Sequence…Contrapuntal Piety: Bach to the Basic

Teaching the Young…Opening the Mind of a Child, Part Three: The Project Approach

The Gospel According to Winnie-the-Pooh Chapter 6 in Which We Go On Being Faithful (Without Being Told Things)

A Final Word…”Hablar el evangelio en español”