Issue 3

Lutheran Education Volume 133, Issue 4, 1998

Matters of Opinion…The More Things Change

Mentoring: A Ministry for Educators

One of the great needs of Christian men and women, Kosberg argues, is for “intentional mentoring” relationships. Citing such biblical examples as Mary and Elizabeth and Paul and Barnabas, he describes the functions and nature of healthy mentoring relationships. He then outlines how to find a mentor, how to become a mentor for others, and how congregations can respond to the “crying need” for such relationships by establishing mentoring ministries. by Jerry Kosberg

Vouchers: Toward Informed Opinion

Are current proposals and pilot programs providing tuition vouchers a windfall for Christian schools? Or are they a Trojan horse, likely to bring with them unwelcome government intervention in private schools? Does government financed school choice infringe upon constitutional guarantees of the separation of church and state? Rietschel presents a balanced examination of these and other issues relating to tuition vouchers for Christian schools. by William Rietschel

Sex: Why Is Everyone Talking About It Except the Church

For too long, the church has remained strangely silent about issues of sexuality, allowing its people to be instructed by the mass media. Roger Sonnenberg, a noted writer and speaker on marriage and family issues, challenges the church to end this silence and to take responsibility for teaching our young positive attitudes and values about sex. by Roger Sonnenberg

Effective Midweek Programs for the Congregation

Rathmann demonstrates how a midweek program can meet a wide variety of needs within a congregation and within our society. He draws on the successful experiences of congregations around the nation to present a wealth of ideas for developing and organizing midweek ministry and to illustrate the variety of forms such programs may take. by Rodney Rathmann

Children in Worship, Part 3: Analyzing the Communal Rites

In part three of a series of articles examining congregational worship patterns in light of the needs of children, the authors present the findings of the Children in Worship study regarding how aspects of liturgy influence children’s faith development. by Gary Bertels, Shirley Morganthaler, and Peter Becker

Administrative Talk…What’s Good About Schools

Children at Worship…Making a Perfect Match

DCE Expressions…Combating Negativity in Ministry

Multiplying Ministries…Three-Minute Rule

Secondary Sequence…Prescriptive or Proscriptive: What Is the Message

Teaching the Young…Opening the Mind of a Child, Part Four: Implementing Projects

The Gospel According to Winnie-the-Pooh…Chapter 8 in Which We Go Back to School

A Final Word…”Gilding the Gospel?”