Issue 4

Lutheran Education Volume 133, Issue 4, 1998

Matters of Opinion…Mission or Mall?

Urban Families and the Lutheran School

Budget crunches and changing demographics have caused many urban congregations to close their schools. But what is lost when these schools close? Cynde Kuck reports the results of a study of urban Lutheran schools which was designed to address this question by examining the impact of these schools on the faith of students and on relationships within their families. by Cynde Kuck

When the Mission Field Comes to You

Lutheran schools today include students from a wide variety of religious traditions. How does a teacher show respect for this religious diversity while remaining true to the mission of boldly proclaiming the Gospel? Drawing on her experiences at Hong Kong International School, Sandra Fischer suggests ways to teach the Christian faith to students from non-Christian backgrounds. by Sandra Fischer

A Menu Approach to Adult Bible Study

Doyle outlines a “menu approach” to Bible study offerings. Noting that fewer than 18% of communicant members of LCMS congregations attend weekly Bible studies offered by their congregations, he argues that a varied menu of Bible studies which addresses the social and emotional needs of adults in addition to more strictly spiritual concerns, can help to draw congregational and community members into the spiritual nourishment of the Word of God. by Thomas J. Doyle

Children in Worship, Part 4: Planning from a Child’s Perspective

Part four of a series of articles based on the Children in Worship Study examines the degree to which worship planners incorporate the child’s perspective into planning services and involving children in school worship. by Peter Becker, Shirley Morgenthaler, and Gary Bertels

Signs of Reading

Drawing upon her own experience in teaching reading and on research conducted in her classroom, Kim Marxhausen demonstrates that sign language can be an effective tool for working with beginning readers, particularly with those for whom reading has been difficult. She provides specific suggestions for incorporating sign language into reading instruction. by Kim Marxhausen

Adapting Your Teaching for Any Learning Style

In almost any classroom on almost any day, there is some student who “just doesn’ t get it.” What can teachers do to increase the likelihood that more students will learn more? David Ebeling provides a step-by-step approach to customizing lessons plans to address the varied learning styles of students. by David Ebeling

Administrative Talk…Forgettings

Children at Worship…Making a Perfect Match, Part 2: Pre-Singing Activities for the Primary Grades

DCE Expressions…Jesus Through Different Eyes

Multiplying Ministries…A.G.E.–A Great Experience!

Secondary Sequence…Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

Teaching the Young…Opening the Mind of a Child, Part Five: Charting Children’s Progress

The Gospel According to Winnie-the-Pooh…Chapter 9 in Which We Give the House Away

A Final Word…”Lutheran” as Adjective