Issue 1

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 134.1

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 134, Issue 1, 1998

From Where I Sit…Salt, Light, and Social Justice

Democratic Authority at Century’s End

Late twentieth-century America, this distinguished political ethicist argues, is growing increasingly cynical, mistrustful of authority, and incapable of sustaining democratic institutions. In this essay, adapted from the inaugural lecture on “Morality, Culture, and Christian Community” at Concordia University, River Forest, Elshtain ponders the various challenges confronting democratic authority in the United States and considers “what can be done to restore some of the texture of a world in which authority makes claims on us and we, in turn, on it.”   by Jean Bethke Elshtain

The Crisis of Democratic Authority and the Ends of Lutheran Education

In response to Elshtain’s warnings about the crisis in democratic authority currently confronting the United States, Rietschel offers some suggestions about the role Lutheran education can play in mending our tattered social fabric. He argues that Lutheran schools are well positioned to provide the narratives necessary to give coherence to modern life and urges Lutheran schools to take seriously the task of preparing students for participation in democratic life. by William C. Rietschel

Tradition, Authority, and Faithful change: Theological Reflections on Jean Bethke Elshtain’s “Democratic Authority at Century’s End”

Mattox examines the implications of Elshtain’s comments on democratic authority for Lutheran Christian higher education, and finds in our theological heritage the resources to respond to the crisis she outlines. Christian higher education, he concludes, must prepare students to function in society both as insiders, actively participating in democratic life, and as outsiders, critiquing our democratic institutions from the privileged point of view given to us in the revelation of God in Christ, in Holy Scripture, and in our confessional heritage. by Mickey L. Mattox

Musings on the Ministry(s) of Women

Offering an overview of the many ways in which women have and continue to serve in the LCMS, Todd calls for a redefinition of the term “ministry” to acknowledge and make use of the varied calls and callings through which women contribute to the ministry of the church. by Mary L. Todd

Achieving Cultural Diversity in Lutheran Music Education

Arguing that music provides an invaluable point of entry through which to understand other cultures in our increasingly pluralistic society, Eichhorn outlines principles for developing more culturally diverse programs of music education and forms of worship. by Art Eichhorn

Administrative Talk…Time Well Spent

Children at Worship…Woking for the State of the Art

DCE Expressions…Steps Toward Dealing With Social Issues in the Church

Multiplying Ministries…Morrie the Mentor

Secondary Sequence…Sharing the Faith From a Firm Foundation

Teaching the Young…At the Pace of Children

A Final Word…Boosting the Odds of “Aha!”