Issue 2

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 134.2

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 134, Issue 2, 1998

From Where I Sit…The First-Year Slough of Despond

Linking Theory and Faith

Becky Peters examines how educational research on cognitive, personality, and moral development might inform the work of Christian educators concerned about the faith development of children and adolescents. She argues that child development theory, as well as recent work on faith development in children and adults, can help us think more clearly about teaching and sharing our faith. by Becky Schuricht Peters

Teaching the Faith: Teachers and Urban Lutheran Schools

What effect do teachers and their classroom practices have on the faith development of urban children who attend Lutheran schools? Drawing on research conducted in 43 urban Lutheran schools across the United States, Kuck identifies effective practices for teaching the faith. by Cynde Kuck

Teaching the Faith with Humility: Education or Indoctrination?

Cullen cautions against the temptation toward indoctrination in religious instruction at Christian institutions of higher education. If Christians are to move beyond a comfortable, shallow, and unreflective faith to the highest levels of faith development, he contends, they must be encouraged, like the Berean Christians, to examine all doctrine in the light of Scripture. by Bill Cullen

Lutheran School Evangelism

In a Christian school, Czaplewski insists, every child should be confronted with the Gospel of Jesus Christ every school day. He encourages Lutheran schools to examine the varied audiences within their student bodies and to consider how specific school activities offer opportunities to communicate the Gospel. by Dan Czaplewski

Reflections from Our Pilgrimage to Reggio Emelia

Following a trip to its birthplace in Reggio Emilia, Italy, the authors present a synopsis of the philosophy and essential features of an influential approach to early childhood education. They offer some suggestions for Lutheran educators who have been inspired by the philosophy and who are grappling with how to apply aspects of the Reggio Emelia approach in their own American settings. by Ingeborg Teske and Sarah Kreiss

Administrative Talk…’Twas the Week Before Christmas

Children at Worship…A Wish List for Music Teachers

DCE Expressions…Adolescent Milestones for Intentional Faith Development

Multiplying Ministries…Top Ten List of Projections for the Year 2000

Teaching the Young…Talk to the Children

A Final Word…Simple Gifts