Issue 3

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 134.3

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 134, Issue 3, 1999

From Where I Sit…Where Are We Going, Where Have We Been?

Challenges Facing Christian Higher Education at Century’s End

George Heider “sets the table” for the three essays which follow, reflecting on a variety of challenges- economic, structural, cultural, and theological- which form the context for Christian higher education in the late twentieth century. by George Heider

Christian Higher Education in Reformed Perspective

Much of the current discussion of issues relating to Christian higher education has been animated by scholars operating from within Reformed theology. Nicholas Wolterstorff, a Christian philosopher from Yale University, outlines the Reformed worldview and its implications for integrating faith and learning in higher education. by Nicholas Wolterstorff

A Catholic Perspective on Christian Higher Education

Monika Hellwig, executive director of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, articulates five characteristic features which constitute a distinctively Catholic way of relating Christian faith to the purposes of Christian higher education and discusses the often problematic relationship between Catholic colleges and the hierarchic church. by Monika Hellwig

Forming Heart and Mind: Lutheran Thoughts about Higher Education

The foundational beliefs by which Lutherans have traditionally thought about higher education, including paradox, Luther’s two kingdoms, and “platitudes about freedom and mutual respect,” Gilbert Meilaender warns, “are more likely to accommodate the culture than to shape anything distinctively Lutheran.” He proposes an alternative understanding of how Lutheran colleges and universities might best pass on a Lutheran Christian way of life and guide students to “love God with both mind and heart.” by Gilbert Meilaender

Review…On the Future of the Church-Related College

Administrative Talk…What Do Your Students Think of You

Children at Worship…A Sacred Music Curriculum for Lutheran Schools

DCE Expressions…Experiencing Intimacy within the Parish

Multiplying Ministries…It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who You Yes!

Secondary Sequence…The Success Center

Teaching the Young…Welcome the Children

A Final Word…Why Lutheran Higher Education?