Issue 4

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 134.4

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 134, Issue 4, 1999

From Where I Sit…Bringing Sunday and Monday Together

The Power of Story: The Study of Literature As a Springboard to the Faith Journey We Take With Our Students

Serious Study of literature, Thurber states, can lead students to thoughtful consideration of our human condition in a fallen world and our need for a Savior. The tension for the Christian teacher is to represent faithfully the literary work of art and, at the same time, assist students as they encounter world views in stark contrast to the Christian values we desire them to embrace. by Daniel Thurber

Can Teaching Math Be Ministry?

Certain disciplines (mathematics being a prime example) do not seem to offer opportunities for integrating faith and learning, but Carter argues that all—even math—present opportunities for ministry, both in the broader sense of ministry as Christian vocation, anything one does in faith to God and service to others, and in the more specific sense of ministry as proclamation of Law and Gospel. by Rich Carter

Mathematics and the Trinity: Integrating Faith Across Disciplines

Mathematics, Mangels concedes, is not easily used to explain spiritual concepts. Nevertheless, he demonstrates through the mathematical concept of set theory how one can model religious ideas within the disciplines, engaging students in discussions of biblical doctrines and faith issues. by Kenneth Mangels

Advancing the Ministry of New Teachers

No one part of teaching is very complicated, Moulds says. What’s difficult is coordinating all the parts simultaneously. Reporting conclusions gleaned from conversations with new teachers during Summer Summits conducted at Concordia University, Seward, Nebraska, Moulds outlines ten specific challenges or pressures which create problems for beginning teachers. by Russell Moulds

Keeping the Faith

“How does a teacher weave together the academic and the spiritual to touch the world in which a child lives?” Prange asks. Drawing on her fifteen years of classroom experience, Prange presents some concrete examples of how teachers can integrate faith concepts into content instruction. by Sherry Prange.

God’s Care In Times of Crisis: The School’s Response

The authors present a program to equip schools to respond to times of crisis in ways which meet human needs effectively and demonstrate an attitude of Christian care and concern for all involved. by Richard Armstrong, Anna Eissfeldt, and Carrie Weiss

Administrative Talk…The Emotionally Literate Principal

Children at Worship…A Place in the Choir

DCE Expressions…Gender Inclusiveness

Multiplying Ministries…Ups and Downs

Secondary Sequence…The Flip Side of Instructional Strategies

Teaching the Young…Can Children Play?

A Final Word…Simple Gifts