Issue 5

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 134.5

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 134, Issue 5, 1999

From Where I Sit…Embracing Chaos

Advancing the Ministry of New Teachers: The Summer Summits Part II

Given the many challenges faced by new teachers, Moulds says, many of those who don’t leave Lutheran teaching settle into a pattern of “school teaching” rather than ministry, “a ministry of service” rather than a “ministry of the Word.” In the second of two articles addressing concerns and challenges common in the early years of the teaching ministry, Moulds considers strategies for supporting beginning teachers through this transitional period as they advance in their ministry. by Russ Moulds

What’s in a Name?

Arguing that “the issue of ‘name’ is so closely related to the issue of ‘identity’ that most educators will not recognize the difference,” Jonathan Laabs recounts the history of the debate over nomenclature for Lutheran school teachers and the effects of this issue on the ministry of these teachers. The ongoing debate regarding the question of identity, he maintains, reflects a state of general uncertainty and insecurity about the ministry of the Lutheran educator. by Jonathan Laabs

The Middle School Concept in Lutheran Schools

Guidera traces the evolution of the middle school concept in America and provides an overview of its essential characteristics. The middle school philosophy, he concludes, integrates well with the mission and ministry of Lutheran schools to students in early adolescence. by George Guidera

At Risk and At the Well

Scarlato examines Jesus’ interactions with the Samaritan woman at the well as a model for Christian educators’ interactions with at-risk students. She finds in Jesus’ example specific guidelines for responding to our students’ needs, not only academically and behaviorally but also psychologically and spiritually. by Mary Scarlato

Fitness for Youth in Lutheran Schools

A study conducted in Michigan Lutheran schools over a period of three years examined the level of fitness of students and their families. The authors report the findings of that study and suggest ways Lutheran schools can boost the fitness levels of their students. by Charles T. Kunzleman, Eric Platt, and Brenda Crane

Administrative Talk…The Tragically Sad Principal

Children at Worship…”Sing and Make Music”—A Review

DCE Expressions…Collection Connections

Multiplying Ministries…Signs of Health and Hope

Secondary Sequence…I Need Blueprints!

Teaching the Young…Making Learning Real

A Final Word…Teaching the Trinity

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