Issue 1

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 135.1

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 135, Issue 1, 1999

From Where I Sit…Behold, I Make All Things New

The Task of the Scholar in the Christian University

A noted historian of American Protestantism and of Christian higher education, Marsden discusses the disjunction between the high percentage of Americans who claim to believe in God and the marginal place of religious belief in higher education. The time has come, he argues, to rethink the secular ideals upon which American higher education has been based and to consider religious colleges as models for others to emulate. by George Marsden

LCMS Schools’ Tuition Policies

Bassett reviews the history of Lutheran schools’ practices and the Synod’s pronouncements regarding charging tuition. Drawing on data from a recent survey of pastors, administrators, teachers, and parents of children in Michigan District Lutheran schools, he examines the relationship between tuition policies and the mission and ministry of these schools. by Leonard Bassett

C. F. W. Walther and Education in the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod

In the first of a three part series, Hilgendorf recounts Walther’s educational background and his developing vision for Lutheran education. Walther rejected both the “intellectualism of rationalism” and the “emotionalism of pietism,” she argues, and laid the foundation for the confessional Lutheran educational system of today. by Mary Hilgendorf

Lutheran Schools—Our Missionary Outposts

Lutheran schools traditionally have done an excellent job of teaching their students about Jesus, Mueller says, but they have not always prepared students adequately for the task of sharing their faith with others nor have they always realized their full potential as agencies of evangelism. He presents six specific strategies schools can use to share Christ more effectively with the unchurched. by Paul Mueller

Lutheran High School Counseling Programs: Some Present and Future Concerns

The authors report data outlining the current state of Lutheran high school counselors and counseling programs. They articulate a number of concerns which need to be addressed in order for these programs to function optimally as part of the total educational program. by Dale Septeowski, Bernard Tonjes, and William Roundey, Jr.

Administrative Talk…Leadership Without Autocracy

Children at Worship…Assuring that Something is Better than Nothing

DCE Expressions…Sabbatical: A Life-changing Experience

Multiplying Ministries…The Gift of Giving to Others

Secondary Sequence…After Columbine

Teaching the Young…What’s in a Name?

A Final Word…Seizing the Moments, One at a Time