Issue 4

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 135.4

Lutheran Education Journal, Volume 135, Issue 4, 2000

From Where I Sit…A Technorealist’s Plea

What Does This Mean?: Lutheran Higher Education

Posing that most Lutheran of questions, a theologian examines the particularities of Lutheran higher education. Lagerquist identifies ten ways of thinking that she takes to be characteristically Lutheran and outlines five specific practices supported by those ideas which define a distinctive approach to Christian higher education. by L. DeAne Lagerquist

Lutheran Schools and the Supreme Court: The 75th Anniversary of Pierce v. Society of Sisters

In 1922, Oregon passed a law making it a crime for parents to enroll their children in non-public schools. Schnake reviews the 1925 Supreme Court decision which struck down this law, a decision that reaffirmed the rights and freedoms of religious schools in America and laid the constitutional groundwork for understanding the legal status of Lutheran schools. He examines the events leading up to this landmark decision and explains what the case means for the Lutheran education community. by Richard K. Schnake

The Legal Context of Lutheran Schools, Part Three: Students’ Legal Rights and Duties

In this final installment of a three-part series, Rietschel summarizes case law regarding the legal rights of students. He discusses such areas as freedom of expression, classroom discipline, suspension and expulsion, and sexual harassment in an effort to raise awareness of these issues, to enable Lutheran educators to avoid potential legal problems, and to encourage them to practice preventive law. by William Rietschel

Mixed-Age Grouping in a Preschool Setting: From Theory to Application

What effect does mixed-age grouping have on preschoolers? Drawing on both her own experiences as a preschool director and the latest research regarding the effects of multi-age preschool classes, Gehrke offers evidence that mixed-­age grouping enhances children’s social, cognitive, and spiritual development. by Lynn Gehrke

Administrative Talk…Credibility

Educating the Whole Child…You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

DCE Expressions…Single-Minded Devotion

Multiplying Ministries .COMmas

Secondary Sequence…”Why Can’t They Be Like Us?”

Teaching the Young…The Peace of Play

A Final Word…To Coin a Phrase