Issue 5

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Lutheran Education Journal, Volume 135, Issue 5, 2000

From Where I sit…Lifting Our Gaze: Lessons from Abroad

International Dimensions of Lutheran Education

International collaboration is an untapped resource for Lutheran education, the authors argue. Through greater networking among all  Lutheran educators of the world, with an attitude and climate of openness, our schools could learn much from each other and offer mutual support. Students and teachers in America need more opportunities for international experiences and need to bring into their classrooms a greater understanding of what’s happening in Lutheran education in the rest of the world. by Charles Laabs and Jonathan Laabs

Lutheran Schools in Australia: A Changing Role for Changing Times

Jericho, the National Director for Lutheran Schools in Australia, recounts the development of Australia’s Lutheran schools and discusses the challenges and opportunities these schools have faced as they have sought to move from simply being nurseries of the church to preserve the faith of the faithful to now being avenues of service and connection with the local community. by Adrienne Jericho

Schools and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea developed Lutheran schools to support its people and their faith development. Government recognition and support have allowed these schools to be maintained and to expand. At the same time, nationally based controls on curriculum and assessment and the difficulty of finding appropriately trained teachers have created significant challenges as the schools attempt to maintain their mission and Lutheran identity. by Roger Hunter and Adrienne Jericho

The Courage to Be a Servant in the Church

Contemporary American culture, both within the Church and outside of it, has made it increasingly difficult to serve the Church. In these difficult days, Dawn asks, what resources do we have to negotiate the rapids and avoid the shoals? How do we find the courage even to try? She points us toward the comfort offered in Jesus’ teachings concerning the kingdom, in which He graces us with exactly what we need to have courage for our call in these times. by Marva J. Dawn

Leadership Perspectives: Making a Difference with 20/20 Vision

Given the pace of change in education recently, the need for leaders who can effectively manage change has never been greater. In this first of three articles on educational leadership, Stueber notes the complexity of defining “effective leadership,” then defines and argues for the value of “visionary leadership.” In future articles, he will examine “servant leadership” and “spiritual leadership.” by Ross Stueber

Administrative Talk…What’s the Use?

Educating the Whole Child…Renewing the Artist Within

DCE Expressions…Passion in Ministry

Multiplying Ministries…Good News.Com

Teaching the Young…From the Lips of Children

A Final Word…We Have So Much to Learn

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