Issue 2

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 136.2

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 136, Issue 2, 2000

From Where I Sit…The Springtime of Their Life Decides

Two Miracles Together: The Brain and Faith Development

Recent research on brain development holds important implications about optimal conditions for the nurture of infants and young children. The authors, an early childhood education specialist and a medical doctor, discuss the significance of these findings-including what they say about child faith development for all who work with young children. by Shirley K. Morgenthaler and Nancy A. Lass

Welcoming Children: KidFaith and Kids’ Faith

How congregations and individuals respond to the youngest members in their midst is critical to the spiritual nurture and formation of those children and to the life of the congregation. Stewart describes and illustrates an exciting program designed to enable congregations to minister more effectively to young children and their families. by Shanna Stewart

Cocaine’s Effect on the Developing Brain

An increasing number of children suffer from prenatal exposure to cocaine. Lass, a pediatrician specializing in neonatology, discusses cocaine’s effects on brain development and how early childhood educators can best respond to children suffering these effects. by Nancy Lass

Everyone Can Play: A Music Play Program for Families with Children of All Abilities

Early childhood educators have increasingly insisted that play is the context in which children both express and develop abilities across all domains of development. Gill illustrates an application of this concept, describing a program that gives special needs children the opportunity to use music and play to show what they can do. by Jim Gill

The Spiritual Principles of the Lutheran Teaching Ministry, Part B: Confirmations and Conclusions

The Spiritual Principles of the Lutheran Teaching Ministry, Part B: Confirmations and Conclusions Reporting the findings of his interviews with a group of teachers who entered the Lutheran teaching ministry 25 years ago, Schnake makes an impassioned plea for a response to the impending church worker shortage in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and offers specific recommendations for a course of action. by Richard K. Schnake

Leadership Perspectives: Making a Difference with Spiritual Leadership

Stueber concludes a three-part series on leadership styles by discussing the characteristics of effective spiritual leaders in schools. by Ross Stueber

Administrative Talk…Improving School Culture-Without a Word

DCE Expressions…From Youth Room to Pulpit: Reflections of a DCE Who’s Taken the Seminary Path

Educating the Whole Child…In-Tune Even in Infancy

Today’s Lutheran Educator…Qualified!

Multiplying Ministries…Five Fun Facts for Forging Forgiveness

Secondary Sequence…How Content Are You?

Book Reviews…Exploring Children’s Spiritual Formation: Foundational Issues

                             In Their Own Way: Accepting Your Children for Who They Are

A Final Word…”Unless you change and become like children…”