Issue 4

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 136.4

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 136, Issue 4, 2001

From Where I Sit…Coach Knight and the Hidden Curriculum

A Comparison of Pastors and Teachers Teaching Religion

As pastors and teachers work together in ministry, differences in the practice of teaching , especially the teaching of religion, may contribute to tensions between them. How similar are the presuppositions and practices of pastors and teachers? How do pastors and teachers differ in their approach to teaching religion? How much pedagogical training do pastors have and how much difference does such training make? John Oberdeck presents his findings in this little researched area, based on surveys of over 350 Lutheran pastors and teachers. by John Oberdeck

The Proper Care and Feeding of Catechumens

Confirmation is a well established, deeply rooted, and intensely sentimental tradition in the Lutheran Church. Too often, however, confirmation instruction leaves little impact on the faith and understanding of the confirmand, and confirmation is reduced to a mere “rite of passage.” Michael Eschelbach suggests a strategy for preserving a beloved tradition while greatly enhancing its effectiveness and significance for the confirmand. by Michael A. Eschelbach

Thinking About Scholarship as a Pietist

Historian Mark Noll argues that, for all its “intellectual problems,” the practice of pietism opens up truly momentous opportunities for scholarship. The pietist reminder that we are saved by grace and not by works, he suggests, is an absolutely essential foundation for Christian learning that would remain genuinely Christian, and a Christ-centered faith has tremendous potential for scholarship, if believers are able to orient themselves to their academic pursuits with coordinates provided by the reality of Christ. by Mark A. Noll

Language—God’s Great and Glorious Gift

“The more we study the physiological and psychological elements of language,” writes Ruth Kurth , “the more remarkable this gift becomes.” Insights on language offered by modern scientific and linguistic research underscore the Christian’s appreciation of language as Gods unique gift to humankind and the vehicle by which he communicates his grace. by Ruth Kurth

Administrative Talk…The Parable of the Foolish Principal

DCE Expressions…Marva Dawn’s “Is It a Lost Cause?”

Educating the Whole Child…If Everybody’s Thinking Alike – Somebody isn’t Thinking

Today’s Lutheran Educator…Satisfaction!

Multiplying Ministries…Mothers Never Forget!

Secondary Sequence…How Do We Teach Religion?

 Teaching the Young…Grasping God

 Book Reviews…Confirmation: Engaging Lutheran Foundations and Practices

                              An Introduction to the Foundations of Lutheran Education

A Final Word…Testing,Testing, 1-2-3