Issue 1

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 137.1

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 137, Issue 1, 2001

From Where I sit…Toward a theology of Frills in Lutheran Education

The Writing of Branta and Other Affections

One of the finest Christian storytellers of our time explores the power of stories to help young children confront the basic truths of existence and “to carry the child through difficulty toward a blessed, credible conclusion.” Wangerin’s essay—lyrically blending story, meditation, and the writer’s reflection on his craft—offers a compelling argument for stories as essential tools for adults who seek to guide children, “to teach them and lead them, to train up their souls in the ways they should go.” by Walter Wangerin, Jr.

The Gift of Global Song to the Congregation

Music from other cultures is a tremendous gift to our worship services, the author affirms, connecting us to other Christians and to God, the creator of all song. But what is the right way to borrow such songs?  What is their appropriate place in Lutheran liturgy, and how can we incorporate them into our worship while respectful of their origins in cultures different from our own? by Helen Grosshans

Taking Ethical Actions as an Artist

Martin Luther’s teaching on social ethics, that the essence of the Christian life is expressed inwardly in faith toward God and our neighbor, calls each one of us to take an active stance in the world as we serve as mediators between God and our neighbor. With examples drawn from her own art courses, Gretchen Beck illustrates how students can be encouraged to live out this social ethic as they act upon their Christian faith. by Gretchen Beck

Telling the Good News About Jesus in the Year of the Child

In the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, 2001 is both the Year of the Child and a year committed to “telling the Good News about Jesus.” “We want to introduce our children to Jesus and to help them become well acquainted with him and his good news,” Patrick Ferry affirms. “For the introduction to Jesus to be complete, however, we must not only be acquainted with the SAvior but also know well the young people whom we introduce to him.” In response to this need he offers a portrait of “the millennials” and explores the implications of this portrait for ministry to today’s youth. by Patrick Ferry

Administrative Talk…What Students Want from Their Principal

DCE Expressions…Sensitizing Parents to the Role of Assets in Faith Development

Educating the Whole Child…From a Misconception to the Meaningful, An Open Letter to Lutheran Educators

Today’s Lutheran Educator…The Power of Participation

Multiplying Ministries…Blessed Are…We

Secondary Sequence…I Don’t Want Any More Self-Esteem

Teaching the Young…Children and Creativity

Book Reviews…Quality with Soul How Six Premier Colleges and Universities Keep Faith with Their Religious Traditions

A Final Word…Encouraging Random Acts of Kindness