Issue 2

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 137.2

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 137, Issue 2, 2001

From Where I Sit…Process vs. Context

Adult Education in the Congregation: An Andragogical Approach

Peering through the lenses of both an academic and a practitioner, Sipe offers a perspective on how adult education theory can be usefu I for the Lutheran educator in different learning settings. by Elaine Sipe

The Participation of Adults in Religious Education Experiences

Reporting the findings of his research assessing congregational climate and learner orientation, Blanke prods those providing leadership in religious education to address two significant questions that, when clearly answered, will increase adult motivation for fuller program participation. by Mark Blanke

Revisiting Congregations at Crossroads

Research conducted by Search Institute and published over half a decade ago generated data containing practical implications for parish ministry that still remain valid. Jander resurrects the study report’s meagerly addressed findings and examines potential initiatives. by Louis Jander

Reaching the Un-Churched Through Bible Study

Hetzner succinctly examines aspects that contribute to the successful teaching of the un-churched. Along the way, he dispels some myths related to Scriptural study. by Tim Hetzner

Reflections on Science and Faith in the Parish

Gotsch examines a tension that extends far beyond the parish. His ruminations are instructive for all who are conflicted by the languages of science and faith. by Richard Gotsch

Change!!??: Reflections on Lutheran Schools at the Dawn of the Millennium

Lutheran Education invited the recently retired Director of Schools for the LCMS to offer his perspective on the state of Lutheran schooling. Moser’s musings provide a glimpse of the past, a sense of the present, and predictions for thc future. by Carl Moser

Administrative Talk…Being Alone in a School Filled with People

DCE Expressions…Bible Study Online: Virtual or Reality?

Educating the Whole Child…Have You Joined the Movement?

Today’s Lutheran Educator…Gathering Together

Multiplying Ministries…The Day the Laughter Died

Secondary Sequence…This Is Better than Conflict Resolution!

Teaching the Young Learning Language and Literacy with Children

A Final Word What in God’s Name?: Lessons from 11 September. 2001