Issue 3

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 137.3

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 137, Issue 3, 2002

From Where I Sit…Do the Dishes or Pave the Driveway?

Governmental Financial Support for Parochial Education within The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod in Historical Perspective

Reminding us that tuition vouchers are not just a political issue, Toepper chronicles the Missouri Synod’s position on government aid as a source of parochial school support. by Robert M. Toepper

Equitable Funding for All School Children

A veteran lohbyist. Delancy argues that parental “choice must be an integral part of true educational reform” and contends that Lutherans and Catholics share a heritage congenial to choice advocacy. by Douglas M. Delaney

Milwaukee’s Parental Choice for Schools Program: A Lutheran Educator’s Experience and Perspective

Much of the choice debate is driven by social, political. and legal theory. Miller provides a perspective influenced by practical ministry experience. by Duane Miller

A Survey of Voucher Objections

While haltingly supportive of vouchers, Zeile offers a thoughtfully balanced excursion through objections to the concept as a reminder that “all that glitters is not gold.” While “vouchers might … be an aid to Lutheran schools,” they may not necessarily be so “to Lutheran education.” by Richard A. Zeile

A Lutheran School Responds to Homeschooling

Does parental choice allow for choosing not to send a child to a Lutheran school? Some Lutheran educators become quite defensive when parents opt to homeschool. Much can be gleaned regarding broadening one’s ministry paradigm from Prange’s personal journey with homeschoolers. by Sherry Prange

Hand in Hand: A Ministry Through Education

Imagine the possibilities when members of a Lutheran congregation develop and create an outreach ministry for “the least of these.” Agness and Parke examine a mission program that is making a significant difference in the lives of at-risk preschoolers. by Phyllis Agness and Beverly Parke

Administrative Talk…Breaking the Rules of Good Management

DCE Expressions…How Important is Certification? A DCE’s Journey

Educating the Whole Child…Genuinely Making the Grade: School Performance Ensemble Assessment

Today’s Lutheran Educator…The Three C’s

Multiplying Ministries…Balancing Life with Hope

Secondary Sequence…Why Are You Asking Me That?

Teaching the Young…Discovering the World with a Young Child

Book Reviews Fortress Introduction to The Lutheran Confessions

A Final Word…”Choice” as a Seed of Heresy