Issue 1

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 138.1

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 138, Issue 1, 2002

From Where I Sit…It’s the Private Moments

Lutheran Schools – Distinctiveness of the Teaching Force

Verseman provides an historical overview of the Missouri Synod’s efforts to maintain a unique and distinctive school system through the recruitment, education, and employment of teachers in its schools, Along the way he illuminates the challenges of maintaining a distinctive teaching force. by Dennis H. Verseman

Musings on a Lutheran Teacher’s First Year of Ministry

Displaying courage, honesty, and faith, Johnson takes the reader on a journey through her first year in the teaching ministry. Hopefully, the insights gleaned from her joys and sorrows will be of assistance to all first-year Lutheran teachers and to all who bear the responsibility of supporting them. by Susan J. Johnson

Job Satisfaction Among Those in Lutheran Schools

Among other things, Rathmann’s research provides information helpful to those desiring to support and encourage teachers in their ministries so that they remain in teaching and so that young people continue to choose Lutheran teaching as their life’s vocation. by Rodney L Rathmann

The Christian Teacher as Counselor

Drawing from his experiences as a Lutheran teacher and counselor and from Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Flynn provides helpful perspectives for classroom teachers to encourage, affirm, and guide students to develop a healthy outlook on life. by Daniel J. Flynn

Administrative Talk…The Principal as POW (Prisoner of Work)

DCE Expressions…Reflections of a DCE on Activating the Church

Today’s Lutheran Educator…”Mommy, Where Do Teachers Come From?”

Multiplying Ministries…Things I Learned on Our Summer Family Reunion

Teaching the Young…Spiritual Learning The Core of the Curriculum

A Final Word…Who Will Teach Our Kids?