Issue 2

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 138.2

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 138, Issue 2, 2002

From Where I Sit The Challenges of Leadership

As Iron Sharpens Iron: Process and Reflections of Spiritual Leadership

Mining meaning from movie clips and poems as well as prospecting commentary from texts and journals, Brockberg presents nuggets intended to prompt personal ref1ection into facets of spiritual leadership. by Kevin H. Brockberg

Sergiovanni, Synodical Schools, and Servant Leadership

Sims summarizes leadership guru Thomas Sergiovanni’s humanistic vision of education as a moral calling and thoughtfully proceeds to put Lutheran flesh on that vision. by Carolyn C. Sims

Changes in the Leadership Role of the Missouri Synod’s District Education Executive

Newly retired from the position, Kirchhoff reflects on his 23 years of service as a district education executive. He provides insight into the many adjustments that have been made in the leadership roles performed by those that have held and continue to hold the office. by W. James Kirchhoff

A Leadership Challenge: Horace Mann and Religion in Public Schools

Reviewing an 1846 conflict between Horace Mann and the Reverend Matthew Hale Smith over religion in the common schools, Buck attempts to further inform discussions on the general challenges or leadership. by Thomas M. Buck

Adiaphora and Organizational Vitality: Stimulating Innovations and Preserving Core Teachings

Building on organizational research, and using a series of historical examples from American religion, Finke argues that the most enduring and successful churches have successfully guarded their core beliefs as they found innovative ways to accommodate to new times and cultures. He concludes with a brief discussion of the implications for the LCMS. by Roger Finke

Administrative Talk Leaders and Managers

DCE Expressions Law and Gospel: A New Paradigm

Today’s Lutheran Educator Family Album

Multiplying Ministries A Few Things I’d Like to See in the Church/School/Home…

Secondary Sequence We Need a New Code

Teaching the Young Social Living: Our Response to God’s Love

Book Review: When We Get It Wrong: Peter, Christ, and Our Path through Failure

A Final Word Leadership 101