Issue 3

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 138.3

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 138, Issue 3, 2003

From Where I Sit…The Ends of Lutheran Education

Toward a Philosophy of Lutheran Education

Toepper notes that the LCMS has not articulated any official document resembling a philosophy of education and sets out to initiate a dialogue on developing a contemporary consensus regarding a statement of philosophy. Against the backdrop of three primary western schools of thought, he sketches the essential ontological, epistemological, and axiological mind-set of a philosophy of Lutheran Christian education. by Robert M. Toepper

What’s Lutheran About Lutheran Teaching?

Moulds argues that Lutheranism has much to offer all inquirers, including those who have no coherent tradition at all. However, Lutheran educators must be well versed in their own tradition to make that offering in an engaging and winsome way. To that end Moulds recalls what distinguishes this Lutheran heritage. by Russell G. Moulds

Athens vs. Jerusalem: Christian Instruction or Nurture?

The tension of being both a Christian college and a liberal arts institution of higher learning is, according to Beyer, a difficult balance to maintain. He argues nurture’s place in Christian higher education, the place where its validity would be and is questioned most strongly. He concludes that academics must look at the whole student. by Keith D. Beyer

Sport and Religion: An Ancient Communion?

Beyond harvest, marriage, death, and preparation for war, are there other and deeper relationships between sport and various cultural phenomena? Twietmeyer skeptically probes, questions, and ultimately enlightens the reader regarding the historical kinship of sport and religion. by T. Alan Twietmeyer

Fresh Perspectives on Jesus: Teaching All the Evidence

Comparing the sacred account with the secular historical record, Maier concludes that the sum total of the geographical, archaeological, and historical-literary evidence from the ancient world dramatically supports the New Testament record, not only on the absolute historicity of Jesus but on crucial aspects of his ministry. by Paul L. Maier

Administrative Talk…Two Letters

DCE Expressions…Reclaiming Our Mission

Today’s Lutheran Educator…Real Care

Multiplying Ministries…When All the World Is a Tuxedo and You Feel Like a Pair of Brown Shoes

Secondary Sequence…The First Spanking

Teaching the Young…Communication in the Classroom

Book Review…With All Your Mind. A Christian Philosophy of Education

A Final Word…What’s Lutheran about Lutheran Education?