Issue 4

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 138.4

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 138, Issue 4, 2003

From Where I Sit…To See Ourselves as Others See Us

 A Matter of Trust: Exploring the Value of Lutheran School Boards

Herman explores some of the reasons why confusion over the role and function of the Lutheran school board exist and reviews its purposes over against its unique position within congregational structure. by Richard E. Herman

The Role of the School Board: Do We Agree?

Stucky investigates whether significant differences existed between and among the views of principals, school board chairpersons, and pastors regarding the desired and actual roles of Lutheran elementary school board and finds that the three groups view the desired role differently from the actual role. by Bradd W. Stuckey

Be Ready for Your Day in Court: Insurance Issues Facing Lutheran Schools

In far too many instances, Lutheran schools and churches have large holes or gaps in their insurance programs. Starnes addresses liability concerns and provides a working knowledge of insurance coverage and how to meet specific congregational and school needs. by Kermit M. Starnes

Financial Winds

Arguing that in most Lutheran schools financial development is more impulse than reality, Rogalski offer’s some thought-provoking observations to assist those responsible for guiding their institutions through the funding maze. The bottom-line: whether boards like it or not, the buck starts and stops with them. by Robert T. Rogalski

Financing Lutheran Schools: What Was, What Is, and What Can Be

Hahn examines both the past and current realities in funding Lutheran schools and the energy, vision, and financial skills required to preserve and expand the mission of Lutheran schools. He presents a multi-front initiative that he believes characterizes a positive fiscal environment. by David M. Hahn

Marketing for Lutheran Schools

It is becoming increasingly apparent that sitting by and complacently depending on Lutherans to send their children to Lutheran schools is unwise. Koerschen outlines what he has learned about better positioning the Lutheran school in a competitive private and parochial school market. by Joel Koerschen

Administrative Talk…Why Have Schools?

DCE Expressions…Jesus’ True Glory

Today’s Lutheran Educator…You Are Here

Multiplying Ministries…Practicing the Resurrection!

Secondary Sequence…We Aim to Please

Teaching the Young…Discovering and Learning

Book Review: That I May Be His Own.’ An Overview of Luther’s Catechisms

Index to Volume 138

A Final Word…The Opposite of Faith? and !