Issue 1

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 139.1

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 139, Issue 1, 2003

From Where I Sit: …When I should be walking

Introducing Project Care: A Collaborative Health Ministry Effort

Duey introduces the Concordia University System’s newly formed Council for Physical Activity and Wellness as well as exploring the need for such an initiative. by William J. Duey

Issues Related to Health and the Lutheran School Curriculum

After presenting some alarming health facts and reviewing health proposals from selected government and professional organizations, Boye wonders how Lutheran schools might meet their assumed responsibility ro reverse a troubling trend. by Vicki L. Boye

What’s the Rush? Living a Healthy, Balanced Life in Ministry

Ministry can seem to pull us apart and leave no time for family leaving us feeling guilty and overwhelmed. Kretzmann responds with answers in God’s Word and also looks at critical issues schools must address to promote healthy lifestyles of their workers. by Nathan O. Kretzmann

Celebrate Life: Joy in Ministry in the Age of the Quick Fix

In the age of the “quick fix” life is lived on the edge. Computers, cell phones, and pagers push decision-making and communication expectations to the limit. Life is not often lived but is the blur of events that consumes our time between getting up and going to bed. Hirsch suggests that living in the joy of ministry is a process involving our whole being and living the journey of live under God’s grace. by John M. Hirsch

Let the Peace of Christ Rule in Your Hearts

Listen to the culture and you will conclude that God does not want Christians to have any fun! Ludwig reminds us that God wants us to enjoy life to the fullest and offers ways of living in each moment and in experiencing the fruits of the Spirit – love, joy, and peace. by David Ludwig

Lutheran Schools-Are They Worth It?

Adapting and gleaning from a homily he preached centering on the value of Christian education and Lutheran schools, Abrahamson reflects on the question of their worth. by David G. Abrahamson

Administrative Talk: Principals and Boxes

Today’s Lutheran Educator: Smile!

Multiplying Ministries: In Case of Emergency…

Secondary Sequence: What is Our Theology?

Teaching the Young: Health Teachers: Healthy Classrooms

A Final Word: Happy New Year!