Issue 2

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 139.2

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 139, Issue 2, 2003

From Where I Sit:…Children and Spirituality

Retrieving a Biblically Informed View of Children: Implications for Religious Education, a Theology of Childhood, and Social Justice

After reviewing overly simplistic views of children that diminish their complexity and intrinsic value, Bunge revives a solid and biblically informed perspective that broadens one’s conception of children and provides ideas for strengthening the church’s commitment to them. by Marcia J. Bunge

A Comparison of Lutheran, Anabaptist, and Wesleyan Traditions on Children’s Spirituality: Origins and Occasions for Nurture

Bertels explores three traditions that hold the child in high regard and reminds readers to treasure our tradition anchored in God’s word. by Gary L. Bertels

Children’s Spirituality and the “Third” Brain

Could there be a “third” brain related to children’s ability to reflect spirituality in sophisticated ways? As May explores this question, she’s forced to think differently about children and also to ask different questions. by Scottie May

Nurturing Children’s Spirituality in Intergenerational Settings

Allen offers some important results from her study exploring the spirituality of children in intergenerational and non-intergenerational Christian contexts. She provides empirical, theological, and practical support for intergenerational Christian activities. by Holly Allen

Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Children’s Spiritual Experiences

With emphasis on those behaviors that Christian educators might observe in a variety of settings, Kaatz offers descriptions of attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities. Practical suggestions, including those that cross disability lines, are also provided. by Steven A. Kaatz

Puzzle Peace: Nurturing the Spirituality of Children

As people made in the image of God, we were made to be in relationship with others. McNeil explores the role children can play in bringing about racial reconciliation. by Brenda Salter McNeil

Administrative Talk: The Way It’s Supposed To Be

Today’s Lutheran Educator: No Teacher Left Behind

Multiplying Ministries: Eighteen Ways To Reduce Stress

Teaching the Young: Seeing Jesus

A Final Word: Happy Easter, Happy Spring!