Issue 3

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 139.3

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 139, Issue 3, 2004

From Where I Sit: …Pitfalls and Challenges

Lutheran Advantages in Multiethnic Mission

by John Arthur Nunes

The Christian Classroom in a World of Cultural Confusion

by Paul K. Gossman

The Relationship Between Fatherless Children and Their Concept of the Fatherhood of God

by La Verne Tolbert

Ministering to Un-churched. Urban. At-Risk Children

by Gary C. Newton

Outreach Through Lutheran Schools: Hands Stretched to the Lost

by Willie Stallworth

Poised on the Edge of Chaos

by Shirley J. Miske

Administrative Talk: The Learned Principal vs. the Learning Principal

Multiplying Ministries: Hope is the Difference!

Our Search for Identity

A Final Word: Each a Child of God