Issue 4

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 139.4

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 139, Issue 4, 2004

From Where I Sit: … lntegrity

The Employerization of the Teaching Ministry

Moulds argues that Christian teachers, particularly Lutheran educators, are now chiefly (though not only) identified according to the modern category of employee and that, while this characterization has some limited use, it should be minimized. by Russell G. Moulds

Invisible Christian Educators: A Look at LCMS Practitioners of Parish-Based Christian Education

Schoepp chronicles the findings from his quantitative study of the demographics, ministry roles, and certification interest of paid lay congregational staff members that carry out Christian education ministry without having gone through a synodical certification program. by Paul W. Schoepp

What Does Christian Education Have to Do With Missions?

Using information gleaned from social science, Rippstein assesses the directions the winds may be blowing in this new millennium regarding mission opportunities and encourages the reader toward an apostolic viewpoint using existing Christian educational venues to facilitate a missionary mindset. by Timothy A. Rippstein

The State of Director of Christian Education (DCE) in the LCMS

Relying especially on over 14 years of experience in higher education, Blanke provides thought-provoking insight into the synodical dynamics associated with the current state of DCE ministry that will hopefully generate some lively discussion. by Mark S. Blanke

Family Ministry in the 21 st Century: A Perspective

While the culture is muting the religious beliefs and practices of present-day families, Bergman posits that this is an incredible period for congregations to launch family ministries utilizing a vast array of preventive and intervening resource programs. by Shirley A. Bergman

Administrative Talk … Preparing Students – For What?

Today’s Lutheran Educator … To Be Heard

Multiplying Ministries … C.A.R. Theology or “I’m Rich Bimler and I Approved This Message”

Secondary Sequence … Religious Education – “It’s Not the Program”

A Final Word … Diversity in Religious Education

Postscript: Transition