Issue 1

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 140.1

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 140, Issue 1, 2005

From Where I sit…At 65 mph

The Call and the Will of God

Knowing and doing God’s will is a central theme of the Christian life, but how we arc led to thar may be the basis of consternation or exercising great freedom. Second in a series. by Russell G. Moulds

Funding Lutheran Education: Where does the Buck Start?

It’s budget time again. That phrase may be routine in many schools; cause for crisis in othcrs. Eschdbach’s essay argues that it’s a matter of ownership. by Michael Eschelbach

Rethinking the Mission Strategy of our Lutheran Schools

Meissner offers a model fOf mission outreach that views the church member/school family relationship from a direction opposite the norm. by Michael J. Meissner

“Who’s Got Next”

“Wait until next year” may apply to sports teams but the Church can’t afford to rely on such “wistful thinking” regarding who will teach and serve in Lutheran schools and congregations as Hartjen’s essay argues. by Travis Hartjen

Musings On the Role of Lutheran Schools

Shultz’ essay offers commentary on the various roles that Lutheran schools fulfill by which they have the greatest potential to make them distinctive. by John E. Schulz

Leading Lutheran Learning Communities: Standards For What Principals Should Know and Be Able To Do

Cochran offers some unifying principles for principals under which they can be free to serve as leaders. by William Cochran

The Varieties of Luther: A Review of Three Recently Released Biographies Of the Reformer

Reformation historian Kurt Stadtwalt reviews biographies of Luther from Martin Marty, Frederick Nohl and James Nestingen. If you liked the film – or didn’t – read the books. by Kurt Stadtwald

Administrative Talk…When Bad Things Happen to Good Principals

Multiplying Ministries…We are Re-surrection Re-sources

A Final Word…Vocation