Issue 2

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 140.2

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 140, Issue 2, 2005

Here I Sit…Looking In My Wallet

Education, Wisdom and the Trinitarian Imagination:Christ, Creation and Community in the Twenty First Century

Ralph Peters asks us to consider wisdom as significant to the nature of God, the historic/ theological origins of such thinking and its meaning for contemporary society. by Ralph Peters

The Student with Asperger’s Syndrome in the Lutheran School Classroom

Steven Kaatz shares an infornlativc introduction to Asperger’s Syndrome, a disorder diagnosed in children with increasing frequency. He offers background, definition, characteristics and suggestions for the classroom teacher and parish educator. by Steven A. Kaatz

Emotional Intelligence: Can Lutheran Educators Take it for Granted?

Marilyn Stroik offers a look at emotional intelligence as a lens through which to view child development. Drawing upon the work of Daniel Goleman, she gives us biophysical and behavioral information. by Marilyn Stroik

Diversity in Faith-Based Counseling

Counseling in a Christian context bas often been viewed as a dichotomy between a Bible-based approach and a wholly secularized approach. Counselors, pastors and others who engage in counseling-type relationships will benefit from Kevin Loberger’s well researched commentary on this continuum, including several other ways of thinking about and defining these interactions. by Kevin Loberger

Administrative Talk…Making Decisions

Secondary Sequence…Dear CEOs

Teaching the Young…Windows to Learning

Today’s Lutheran Educator…Celebrate!

Multiplying Ministries…Its Ael about the Alpha aned Oemæga

A Final Word…Wisdom