Issue 3

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 140.3

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 140, Issue 3, 2005

Here I…Sit! Stay!

James Michael Lee: A Social Science Approach to Religious Instruction

Bill Cullen offers an in depth explication of the work of James Michael Lee, specifically approaching the teaching of religion from the standpoint of the social sciences. There is much to consider here for the Lutheran educator in this, the crux of Christian education. We present this as a perspective from which religion curriculum might be examined, whether for use in the school classroom or parish education programs. by William Cullen

Teaching the Familiar in a New Way: Strategies for Teaching Daniel in a Lutheran High School Setting

Andrew Steinmann presents in his essay a nuanced look at the Book of Daniel for benefit of those who teach religion at the Lutheran secondary school level. His scholarly expertise here gives teachers valuable insight into not only this portion of the Old Testament, but also a model of the depth at which high school students might be challenged to encounter it. by Andrew Steinmann

Effort, Improvement, and Using Time Wisely

Eric Malm offers an essay from the viewpoint of a classroom teacher on the balancing act that schools, teachers and administrators perform when weighing the priorities of day-to-day duties and the long-term professional development of faculty members. by Eric Malm

New Prominence for the Protestants: A Review of Three Recently Released Histories On the Reformation

Historian Kurt Stadtwaldt returns to these pages with reviews of three works that center on the historical background of the Reformation. by Kurt Stadtwaldt

Administrative Talk…Forging Memories

Multiplying Ministries…”E” Is for Easter

A Final Word…Presidential Perspectives on Teaching