Issue 4

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 140.4

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 140, Issue 4, 2006

Here I sit…In the Dean’s Chair. God Moves In Mysterious Ways

Guidance and Counseling Issues in Lutheran Schools: A Descriptive Study

Tonjes’ study focused on the philosophy and practice of school counselors at Lutheran schools in the Missouri District, LCMS, but the conclusions and implications offer some issues to consider for all. by Bernard Tonjes

Why Are We Here? Christian Teachers in the Public Square: The Public School

By way of dialogue, the authors reflect on the role of the Christian teacher in the public school, each reflecting on her own faith walk and offering examples of how God provides opportunity for witness in a public elementary school. by Lynne Zillman and Dona Davidhizar

Promoting Early Learning Success

A longtime advocate, administrator and teacher of children with special needs, Lewis offers perspectives on how these and the necessity of best practice in Lutheran schools in the enhancement of the educational experience for these children. by Susan Lewis

Blinkered: The Effect of Values on Decisions of Principals

A Lutheran educator and administrator in Australia, Albinger offer’s thoughts on how the decisions that principals make reflect and influence values. by Kenneth Albinger

Book Review: Western Humanism – A Christian Perspective: A Guide for Understanding the Moral Decline in Western Culture

A professor of political science and philosophy, Hayes reviews J.D. Carter’s book and comments on its place in the current public debate on public and religious values. by Robert Hayes

Administrative Talk…”The Screwtape Letters” Revisited

Teaching the Young…Leading by Faith

Secondary Sequence…American Idols Among Us

Multiplying Ministries…Holy Habits

A Final Word…In the Spirit of Lent