Issue 1

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 141, Issue 1, 2007

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 141.1

Here I Sit…In the Principals Office

Centered Kids In a Divided Society

A reflection and invitation to authors on the challenge and necessity of Lutheran educators to discuss the teaching of and response to social and politically charged issues in American society. by O. John Zillman, Editor

Frontier Leadership In Lutheran Schools

A redefinition of educational leadership by recent research concludes the role of principals is changing. The author examines application of current leadership principles, including transformational and servant leadership. by Andrew C. Tomashewsky

Fit To Serve

Service Learning opportunities require an essential statement of mission. Duel’ excerpts a portion of some thoughts on the reasons why and shares them with us here. by William “Bill” Duey

Integrated Social Studies

Should we approach the teaching of social studies as the accumulation of facts or as building a worldview based on what the facts teach us? The author examines the question in an article adapted from a recent conference presentation. by George Guidera

The Little Bread Store

In a parable of Lutheran schools in the city Dr. Schnake identifies them with the source of the Bread of Life. by Richard K. Schnake

Book Review: What Jesus Meant (by Gary Wills; Viking 2006)

Wills, a Professor of History Emeritus at Northwestern University reflects on the search for the “real Jesus” where that mission leads, ends, and what it means for present-day Christians. by Kurt Stadtwaldt

Book Review: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design (by Jonathan Wells; Regnery Publishing 2006)

President Emeritus of Concordia University and a scientist himself, Zimmerman offers his own insights and commentary on Wells’ approach to what remains a critical question. by Paul A. Zimmerman

Secondary Sequence…How Safe Are Our Schools

Multiplying Ministries…Looking For Comedy In the Lutheran World

Administrative Talk…People Skills