Issue 3

Lutheran Education Journal Volume 141, Issue 3, 2007

Cover of Lutheran Education Journal 141.3

Here I Sit…Back in Zillman’s Class

A Teacher of the Church

This issue leads off with a chapter excerpted from a recently published book by the same title. Moulds (2007) book, an edited volume of essays by seven authoritative writers, is an expansion on an article originally published in LEJ as “The Call and the Will of God” in Vol 140, issue #1. Chapter One, reprinted with permission here, discusses the biblical origins of the term did ache, the act of teaching Christians, the forerunner of what we now consider to be the Office of the Lutheran Teacher. He and his co authors present their views of scriptural and doctrinal origins as an invitation for discussion among Lutheran. by Russell Moulds

Book Review: A Teacher of the Church

As Contributing Editor of LEJ, Ed Grube reviews Russ Moulds’ book from the perspective of a former Lutheran teacher and principal and as one closely involved in enlarging and supporting the work of Lutheran Educators at all levels. His review walks the reader through a summary look at subsequent chapters with reflections on the kinds of discussions and questions for which the book is intended as catalyst. by Ed Grube

Middle Level Career Education: Without a Counselor

Middle School is the time for students to become more specific in understanding their gifts and talents, how these relate to the world of work and in understanding how the pathways toward specific careers are related to the choices they will make within a few short years. Tonjes addresses the process for career education at this crucial level. by Bernard Tonjes

“I Love Reading!” – Fifth and Sixth Graders React to Literature Circles

Getting students to talk with each other in substantive ways about the literature they read is the challenge addressed by the author in his own classroom. The effectiveness of Literature Circles as an approach to reading instruction is described and documented. by Steven Witt

Go…and Teach! The Teacher as a Lifelong Scholar

Administrative Talk…The Dreaded Faculty Meeting

Today’s Lutheran Educator…Equipped for Ministry

Multiplying Ministries…Keepers of the Meaning – Those Older Folks Around Us