Issue 4

Lutheran Education Journal, Volume 141, Issue 4, 2008

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Here I Sit…Waiting to be Served

The Door of the Future Has a New Set of Keys: Service Learning at Concordia University-Chicago

Service Learning has become a trend in curricula at the elementary, middle and secondary school. When students reach the college level, they will likely also encounter it as part of their program of study. The author, newly appointed Director of Academic Service Learning at Concordia University-Chicago, takes the reader into some of the background and origins of the pedagogy, offers information on key components and insight into how Service Learning is readily consistent with Christian education. by Alannah Ari Hernandez

Computers in the Classroom: Teaching Real World Values via a Cyberspace World

Technology is just a series of electronic interactions, right? Not so, states the author as she posits the ways in which the use of technology by students can have moral implications. The article is the text of her presentation on this topic at the October 2007 Association of Lutheran College Faculties held at Newberry College, Newberry, SC. by Christina Wendland

Career Factors of Public and Lutheran School Administrators

The selection of an administrator in a Lutheran school is a decision that should be weighed carefully for its long-term implications. The choice by an individual to become an administrator in a Lutheran school versus a public school is connected to differing motivations and career factors. The author offers the results of this study which will be of interest to those involved in the selection process as well as candidates. by Daniel R. Tomal

Tongue-in-Cheek Research Department: Guinea Pigs and On-Line Graduate Courses – Can Old Graduate Students Survive in the New WebCT6 Maze?

For those who have taken a graduate course using interactive technology, the author’s experience will have the ring of truth. In a humorous parody of “research” on such an experience, the author provokes a laugh as well as finding a positive way of venting some frustration! by Kim Marxhausen

Go…and Teach! The Teacher as Competent Problem Solver: Part 1

Administrative Talk…Are We Having Fun Yet?

Today’s Lutheran Educator…What do You Value?

Multiplying Ministries…Welcome to St. Arbucks